Looking to sell your car?

AutoTempest has partnered with some great companies to help.

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Selling To Carvana

How It Works

1. Get Your Offer

Share a few vehicle details and Carvana will extend a real, firm offer in 2 minutes. No haggling. No hassles.

2. Trade In or Sell

Trade in your old vehicle for a new one, or sell it to Carvana. Either way, they'll pick it up!

3. Get Paid

After a quick, on-site review of the vehicle, Carvana will either cut you a check, or hand over the keys to your new ride!

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Selling with Cars & Bids

Looking to sell your modern (1980s or newer) enthusiast car? Look no further.


Cars & Bids is the only auction site exclusively for modern enthusiast cars: the 1980s or newer. As a collaboration project of notable car reviewer Doug DeMuro, Cars & Bids draws on a large, engaged, and knowledgeable audience.

List and Sell Quickly

Once your car is approved, Cars & Bids will get it listed quickly – and even take your input on scheduling your car’s auction. Once your listing is live, it will show up on AutoTempest searches as well.

Low Fees

Cars & Bids seller fees start at $49. All auctions include a professionally written description based on the details you submit, an AutoCheck history report, and "Doug's Take" - a personal commentary note from Doug DeMuro about your car.

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Looking for more options?

  • Facebook Marketplace is a great, free option to list your vehicle. The downside is that you're more likely to get tire-kickers, and won't reach as wide a geographical audience as other sites (except for people using AutoTempest, which helps you search all of Marketplace!). But you can't beat free for price.
  • eBay is the classic site to sell anything - and possibly the cheapest way to have your listing appear directly on Autotempest.